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29What is WT's virtual sparring system? Admin 2021/06/30 1415 WT사진.jpg
28FIAS PRESIDENT WAS AWARDED THE ORDER OF MONGOLI... Admin 2021/06/30 1407 FIAS회장 몽골훈장수상.jpg
27The World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (W... Admin 2021/06/15 1412 WADA사진.png
26WMC Member Dr. Ki-Young JEON, Appointed as a Ne... Admin 2021/06/08 1544 전기영위원.JPG
25International Judo Federation (IJF) President M... Admin 2021/06/05 1546 마리우스비저.jpg
24Major governing bodies of world martial arts or... Admin 2021/05/20 1449 세계무예기구업무협약.jpg
23WMC is on board to participate in #LiveTogether... Admin 2021/04/23 1549 사본 -KakaoTalk_20210421_140754343_05.jpg
22World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (WMC) ... Admin 2021/03/15 1811 유네스코.jpg
21Dr. LEE Dong-Sub Was elected as the chairman of... Admin 2021/01/28 1701 2.JPG
20WMC is pleased to present its new Secretary Gen... Admin 2020/11/03 2045 총장님 임명장2.PNG총장님 임명장.PNG

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