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39World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (WMC),... Admin 2021/11/12 1211
38WMC member Mi-jung KIM was appointed as the hea... Admin 2021/11/12 1035
37Stephan Fox Re-elected as AIMS President Admin 2021/11/12 1040
36Panagiotis Theodoropoulos(JJIF) got reelected a... Admin 2021/11/12 1162
35Chungwon Choue re-elected World Taekwondo Presi... Admin 2021/10/13 1207 조정원총재 재선.jpg
34World Martial Arts Masterships Committee Confir... Admin 2021/09/30 1116 몽골 NMC 로고 logo.jpg2019 충주 세계무예마스터십 개회식 1.jpg몽골 NMC 이사회.jpg
33The World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (W... Admin 2021/09/30 1107 img_1632964230494.jpgimg_1632964230514.jpg
32WMC joins UNFCCC's Sports for Climate Action in... Admin 2021/09/02 1054 기후변화협약 가입.png
31Muaythai (IFMA), Sambo (FIAS), Kickboxing (WAKO... Admin 2021/07/21 1257 138th IOC Session.PNG
30The 1st Special Curriculum for the 2021 WMC Int... Admin 2021/07/16 1337 KakaoTalk_20210712_094659242_02.jpgKakaoTalk_20210712_094659242_04.jpgKakaoTalk_20210712_094659242_03.jpgKakaoTalk_20210712_094758322.jpg

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