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World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (WMC), Fully Approved as GAISF Associate Member
Writer Admin Date 2021/11/12 Hit 1581
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 The World Martial Arts Masters Masterships Committee (WMC) has obtained an Associate Membership of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF, President Raffaele Chiulli) on November 12, 2021 during the virtual GAISF General Assembly 2021.

Along with 96 International Federations under GAISF as Full Members, WMC now joins 22 other major event organizations including the International Paralympic Committee and World Games as part of GAISF Associate Members.

The WMC has been setting important milestones internationally over the past two years including implementation of activities as an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO from September 2020, Permanent Consultative Member of CIGEPS in UNESCO since March 2021, approved as one of the World Anti-Doping Code Signatories since June 2021, and today a GAISF Associate Membership.

With this Membership, WMC has once again been recognized as one of the leading international organizations representing martial arts & sports around the world.

WMC will continue to develop, disseminate, and contribute to the world martial arts & sports communities abiding by the GAISF Statutes and by fully implementing the Olympic Movement.  

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