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  • The designation of this competition is “세계무예마스터십” in Korean and “World Martial Arts Masterships” in English, and its abbreviation is 'Masterships'. 'World' implies
    an international competition, and 'martial arts' shows a core-characteristic of the martial arts competition, and
    'masterships' symbolizes the competition itself. Therefore, World Martial Arts Masterships refers to the world mega event based on martial arts.

  • Masterships consists of the participation of all the
    great martial artists from all over the world, the martial arts competitions, martial arts show and
    record contests. During the first masterships held in September 2016, 2,000 people from 81 countries
    participated in fifteen official events and two special events under the theme of ’Harmony of World
    Martial Arts'. The second masterships will be held in
    Chungcheongbuk-do Province in 2019, and starting
    from the third Masterships, it will be held on a
    biennial basis by selecting the host city and country.

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